The Sessions



Conscious sexuality sessions are geared toward becoming mindful about the sex you have. It’s about getting in touch with yourself and paying attention to what you are experiencing. It’s about being fully present in the moment and in your body, noticing sensations, emotions, feelings etc. Conscious sexuality sessions are a time in which the focus is on you and you only and where your way of viewing sex and your sexuality is safely explored in a holding space of acceptance. There is no right or wrong. There is no pressure to perform. Relaxation is the intended aim.

Sessions look different for each person since it is a very personal journey and I am only there to be a guide. There are some standard practices which will be applied, for example breathing techniques, neo-tantra techniques and massage, but sessions are about us working together to explore your sexuality. It may be just the two of us, or a couple, or a throuple.

Your first session is a 30 minute session in which we can meet each, discuss why you decided to contact me, see whether I am the right person to accompany you on this journey, and then come up with a outline of what your sessions may entail. In the second session, we’ll spend some time on breathing techniques, relaxation and a relaxing massage. From there the journey becomes more fluid as we explore how to meet your specific needs. We will discuss what we will be working on in each session before any work begins. This is to ensure that we are working in a way which is safe, comfortable and respects the boundary of informed consent.