Gio was very clear in terms of what to expect during the session and made sure I was comfortable and informed at all times.

The session has helped me to be more aware of my body and has taught me that I should acknowledge that my body is an extremely sensitive and powerful thing. I was going through a phase where I craved physical contact to fulfil my emotional needs, however after my session, over the next few days I felt more and more conscious internally and externally and in touch with myself. I have since made a conscious effort to be more respectful of my own boundaries with regards to my body and to only say yes if I really want to – and not because I crave emotional fulfilment.

I have managed to abstain for weeks at a time over the last few months and it has made me feel really in control of my mind and body – it has given me a self-confidence boost and I would recommend Gio to anyone.

Ms. I

‘Roberta(Gio) is a delightful, highly intelligent and extraordinarily intuitive therapist. She has a warm, welcoming and calming presence. Her approach to massaging is thoughtful, integrative and holistic. Her touch is magical, and wonderfully responsive to both the physical and emotional feedback from her clients. She ‘reads’ the needs of her client with exquisite precision. At all times one enjoys her undivided and loving attention: she is patient, caring and never rushes one. Her instruction in Tantric breath-work, especially, is superb. I recommend her unreservedly to those who wish to enjoy a truly “transcendental” Conscious Sexuality experience.’

Prof R

The art of sexual awakening

My name is Ian and I would like to compliment Roberta(Gio) on her excellent work and therapy into the sacred sexual art of tantric massage.
Roberta(Gio) has a kind, humble, yet professional disposition, which will make one feel at ease during ones initial meeting. Her holistic approach requires a variety of techniques and skills. Roberta(Gio) will first get to know you on a personal level as she begins this journey with you.
The deep and intimate empathy she displays is genuine, and is saturated with honesty and integrity.

Tantric massage (Conscious sexuality work) is not just about sensuality. It is a journey of discovery.A true awakening into ones higher self. It is a tool to unleash the chakra energies, and to bring one
into balance, so that one can enjoy a richer and more meaningful purpose in life.

I believe it is vital for everyone to incorporate this therapy into ones serendipitous journey.

Captain I