Tantric Massage Workshops


Tantric massage

Tantric massage can ignite the passion back into your relationship. If you are searching for a sensual experience that connects you and your partner/s on a deeper level, then a tantric massage is a great way to go.
Sensual massages have been shown to draw partners closer together and provide them with a nice and relaxing experience which either sets the mood or provides a time of enjoying each other’s company while helping each other relax. Communication about intimate needs and desires becomes easier in the calm and safe setting created by this intimate massage, and important bonding hormones such as oxytocin get released at optimal levels. Above all… IT FEELS GREAT!

The experience of Tantric massage

I remember my very first tantric massage. It is one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. For the first time, my every sense was stimulated gently. Each one unfolding like a gift for me to feel as if for the first time. Being only in the moment and not needing to focus on anything other than myself and what I was feeling in that safe and calm space. Truly breathing and completely at peace.  I lay there quietly as every part of my body was being lovingly touched by nurturing hands.  I couldn’t believe that I had been so nervous before the massage.  I had, understandably, dreamt up some pretty big monsters of what the experience might be, but instead found a deely fulfilling journey into myself which has continued from then.

The receiving and giving of tantric massage and the practice of tantric principles has transformed the way in which I relate to myself and others, one shift at a time.  I am overjoyed to be sharing this beautiful gift with you in these workshops, in the hope that it will belss and transform your life and your relationship with yourself and your partner/s.