Will the therapist be naked?

No. The coaching session is about you and I would like my focus and yours to be on you. Dare to experience your intimate self without the distraction of another, and reap the rich rewards. Even if this concept feels a little bit strange, not having the distraction of a naked therapist holds many benefits. You'll be quite surprised how liberating it is to focus only on receiving. Having me naked in the session sparks that conscious or sub-conscious belief that you have to focus on me, focus on bringing me pleasure and focus on performing to reach a specific goal. All of which accomplishes the opposite of what is intended for your session.

What should I do to prepare for my session?

You don't need to bring any special supplies, but good hygiene would be greatly appreciated.
Please make sure that you thouroughly clean out all those nooks and crannies, and please pay special attention to harder to reach places such as under the foreskin.
There are shower facilities available in the studio if you are unable to shower before you get here.

What is the difference between your massage and a “happy ending” massage?

A "happy ending" massage is about bringing the client to orgasm and is intended as a sexual experience only. While I have no problem with these massages and think that they can be part of a healthy sex life, I would like it understood that they are very different from my sessions.

My massage sessions are intended to bring about relaxation without excluding or shaming any part of the body. We've been taught that our genitals are strictly off limits in any situation other than sex and that to pay them attention at any other time is just - well... SHAMEFUL! As with any part of intimacy coaching sessions, the massage session focuses on the entire person. It's about bringing relaxation and pleasure to the entire Being.