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Intimacy coaching and touch therapy facilitates intimate well-being through the gentle art of touch, massage, relaxation and breathing techniques. We will explore your sexuality and intimate life together in a safe and calm space which is open to people of any race, gender and sexual orientation.

Why Intimacy Coaching and Touch Therapy?

Some call what I do Tantra. Some call it sexological bodywork or sexual healing massage. The list of names goes on, along with fancy wording and spiritual jargon. I prefer to do away with all of that and simply commit to walking beside you as you explore issues such as:

Fear of intimacy or touch
Loss of sexual sensation
Lack of sexual confidence
Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction
Trouble reaching orgasm
Pelvic floor issues

I use various techniques including tantric touch and tantric principles, massage, rebalancing and myofascial release. It is important to note, however that sessions with me should never be used to replace any medical treatment, or therapy with a qualified psychology professional. Neither should anything I say or anything read on this website be misconstrued as medical advice.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage sessions are aimed at bringing about relaxation without excluding or shaming any part of the body.
We’ve been taught that our genitals are strictly off limits in any situation other than sex and that to pay them attention at any other time is just – well… SHAMEFUL! As with any part of intimacy coaching sessions, the massage session focuses on the entire person, therefore bringing relaxation and pleasure to the entire Being.
The genitals are massaged along with the rest of the body in these massage sessions. There is no pressure to perform or satisfy a partner. Absolutely no pressure to achieve an erection. There is no pressure to reach orgasm.
The session is just blissfully relaxing, nurturing and gentle.

Sessios for Couples

Sessions are aimed at getting to know each other’s bodies and respond to them. Learn to feel and respond to the little movements, pulses and signs that the body gives, instead of just following old routines and habits. You will be offered the opportunity to learn some lovely sensual massage techniques in these sessions. It will be a time of relaxation and fun as you increase sensuality. Find your partner’s magic spots as they learn to receive pleasure from you without the pressure of performing in that moment. Learn to hand yourself over to receive from your partner. Explore the possibilities of heightened arousal and extended orgasm together. Explore deeper physical intimacy and add a new dimension to your sex life.

Individual Sessions

Sessions are aimed at being a deeply personal space where intimacy with self has the opportunity to grow. We’ll most likely start with some general intimacy massage sessions in order to open the space and make it more comfortable for you. From there, the journey is yours to determine. We may explore physical boundaries which are causing problems in your intimate life. Perhaps we’ll discover a new found pleasure in prostate massage. It could be a matter of just learning to relax with sexual contact or overcoming premature ejaculation.
This is a time to focus on YOU! Together we will work on what comes up in session. This could truly be anything from working through some trauma, to learning to enjoy more pleasure, to working on erectile dysfunction.

Keep an eye on my Articles/Blog page where I’ll discuss specific conditions more indepth.